Hair Care

Look no further! If you are in constant search for a relaible method to keep your afro hair style long and healthy, Melanesian Hair Products can help. Anyone with an Afro knows that keeping it healthy can be a challenge simply because longer hair requires more nutrients than short hair.

Proper nutrition for Black Hair

This is probably the single most important factor to having healthy Black hair. Just like any part of the body, the hair needs certain nutrients in certain amounts to be healthy. The problem is that the average person’s diet doesn’t supply all of these nutrients in the proper amounts. This problem is exactly what a hair vitamin is made to address. Melanesian Hair Products is the only hair vitamin formulated specifically for Black hair.

Proper moisturisation

Dry hair is unhealthy and can lead to problems like split ends. Some people are lucky enough not to have dry hair naturally, but they are in the minority. Melanesian Hair Products helps moisturize the hair with it’s special blend of essential oils. These oils are designed specifically to make Black hair healthy hair.

Clean scalp

Having a clean scalp is essential to healthy hair growth. Over time sebum can build up in the hair follicles which will stunt the growth of the hair and cause a “thinning” look. It’s important to clean the scalp thoroughly to prevent this. Avoid harsh chemicals Unfortunately, chemical treatments like relaxers, curly perms, and coloring can cause damage to the hair. Relaxers can be particularly damaging because they work by bringing down the bonds that hold the hair together resulting in breakage. Melanesian Hair Products makes the hair stronger and more resilient to this kind of damage. It’s essential for healthy hair.