Hair Products

Melanesian Hair Products is a proudly owned Australian product. There are numerous Black hair care products around in the form of oils, shampoos, and conditioners that claim to make hair healthier. However, the best way to get great looking healthy hair is to make sure your hair gets all of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins it needs. That’s exactly what Melanesian Hair Products is designed to do. Add it to your arsenal of black hair care products today!!

product_pomade Pomade
For men and women. Especially suited for hair that tends to break at the ends when dry and brittle. Daily use should reduce breakage, soften the hair, and make it appear longer and straighter.
product_combout Comb Out Spray
For all types of hair. Can be used on permed and relaxed hair, and braids. Softens, moisturises, detangles and reduces breaking of ends. Spray lightly then massage evenly into hair. Comb or fluff into required style.
product_gelcurl Gel Curl
Promotes curls, and leaves the hair soft and moist. Reduces breaking and tangling. Improvement should be seen after the first application, but to achieve the best result, use together with No Drip Spray Curl Activator and Moisturiser. Can also be used as hot oil treatment. Apply Gel Curl Activator and Moisturiser/No Drip Spray Curl Activator and Moisturiser. Cover the head with a hot steaming towel or a heating cap. Wait for two or three minutes, remove towel then form into required style. No need to rinse.
product_nodrip No Drip Spray Curl
For daily use to maintain, moisturise and condition whilst activating curls. “No Drip” saves soiling of clothes. Spray evenly, massage into hair and scalp, then style as required. For best results, use together with Gel Curl Activator.